I too am writing my first blog post so that I can also be a part of #made4math Mondays. Up to this point, I have only used this blog as a place to have a live chat with my students to review for tests. I have been racking my brain for something brilliant and creative but I came up with nothing new. So I decided to make some card sorts. I love card sorts. They are great skill builders. My biggest problem is that I never remember what card sorts I have made before and I can never find them. I would love it if someone had a good idea for organizing them. But I digress. Let me first show you what I made.

Using a program called TARSIA (you can download it here). I created a card sort for Precalculus for evaluating Trig functions exactly with the angles given in radians. This is a pretty tough one but at least I have the whole thing made, on card stock, in baggies.

Here is what it looks like after I print it.

As you can sort of see, I printed it on five different colors of card stock. Then I cut them up and put them into baggies. Here is what the puzzle looks like when it is done.

Here is a zoomed in shot

Then I end up with baggies that then need to figure out a creative way to store.

Here are the PDFs of what I created. Trig Radians Exact Values which is the document I printed. Here is the Trig Radians Exact Values Answers

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3 Responses to Cardsorts

  1. druinok says:

    We are a lot alike! I also color code my cards so that each group has a different color. I usually put mine into snack size ziplocs… BUT after seeing this pin on pinterest: I think I’m going to stock up on those and the $1 index card boxes to store. Then just use my label maker to label and we’re good to go!:)

  2. Kate says:

    Yeah for firsts! What a great review method. I’m definitely going to have to do this (with some lower level skills😉

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